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Hello! Thank you for visiting us. Morgana’s Gluten Free Bakery was born over many  years ago after being diagnosed in 1997. In 1997 the selection was small and what was there was not good. 

I still remember the first pre-made bread I bought. It was tasteless and had the consistency of Styrofoam. So I just quit eating bread.

Eating on a daily basis was a challenge. I remember standing in the aisles of the grocery store for hours reading labels trying to find something that would be easy to eat, all to no avail.

I began cooking and cooking. I started breaking down my favorite dishes and making them from scratch. I wanted to feel normal and be able to eat delicious food again.

I loved cooking for others but didn’t think that it was possible anymore. After a lot of trial and error, I now host many dinners at my house and all my family and friends come to eat and the entire meal is Gluten Free.

I remember thinking I was never going to have a birthday cake ! Wow!,  others who had this same diagnosis wouldn’t be able to either. I thought about being a little kid and loving the birthday cakes that I would get whether it was made at home or bought from a store. I didn’t want other people children and adults alike to not be able to have a cake at all or worse yet, have one and not be able to actually eat it! 

The quest began to have delicious desserts and have them be beautiful. I took a Wilton class, a friend of the family sold me her entire collection of cake pans over the years and I began baking. I felt like a mad scientist sometimes trying to get the chemistry just right. 

The more I baked the more people wanted to have it. I started slow selling only to friends and family. Then I began selling at vendor events and farmers markets. After demand became too much to do part time I decided it was time to open up a shop and be available for everyone who wanted to come.

After becoming confident with making things gluten free I began to experiment with other allergy needs. Now most of our products can be individualized to meet most dietary needs. Please call the bakery or drop us a line to see if we can make you a tasty treat. 

Come visit us at the store or drop us a line. Lets chat and get to know one another. 

Morgana’s is all about making life feel normal!